St. Kilda Gym is the leading group that offers plenty of services and plans for perfect health and fitness. We are concerned about your health. We serve in South Yarra and surrounding Suburbs Richmond, Toorak, Albert Park, Southbank, Dockland, St.Kilda, Hawthorn, Caulfield, Elwood and Malvern East. Our mission is to assist you in losing weight and help you to lead a healthy life. If you are thinking that losing weight is not easy for you then let us correct you it is very difficult to lose weight alone. We give you company to be slim and smart through our slimming plans and diets in our Health Club. We assure you our support that will help you in maintaining your health and healthy life. It is really very hard to attain real fitness.

We were a small group at initial stage and now there is a large group of women has joined us in our Ladies Gym. Now it is our great interest to help you out in your healthy life. You will feel a great difference in our services because we are extremely accurate regarding our assignments in Gents Gym. Our expert staff is here to assist you in the achievement of your goal to be smart and elegant. We decide your meal plan and motivate you to stick with it because it is a difficult task. It is quite obvious that gaining weight is not a problem, but to lose it is very hard.  It is our surety that we are helping you to attain the attractive body with weight lifting.



The expert team in St. Kilda Gym assures you that you will gain the perfect health and social life with our support. Our gym gear is extremely economical, versatile, and simple to transport. However, it can frequently be hard to discover them in ordinary Health Club. This new slimming equipment is particularly intended to work anyplace, permitting you to appreciate extraordinary dinners when there is no force source accessible.


By containing an expert crew that is very much aware of their weight loss tasks they have been serving their esteemed customers through their capable administrations and items. There are diverse weight loss clinics and centers that are efficient in reducing weight. For offering the exclusive packages and innovative services for the assistance of the members our Ladies Gym is highly incredible. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to shed down the additional pounds from your body. The best thing of this offer is that you can get the benefits of this offer in reasonable rates. You can look more appealing and attractive because of our unique services. By using the innovative techniques and tips, we are highly efficient in their services. The users are encouraged here to use the ways for burning the fats.

How these clinics are helpful?

1- Weight Loss Spa

It is the best choice to get thin because of the adequacy. It will be extremely useful for the customers to flush down the extra calories without any extra exertion. It is one of the best services that you avail in these clinics to reduce weight without much effort.

2- Diet Plans

For reducing weight, weight lifting and body building, the user needs a special diet plan that contains sufficient calories. By providing the specific diet plan to the customers and compel them to follow it strictly helps the users to reduce weight promptly. They provide the information about the tips and techniques for eating the diet that is highly effective for fitness.

3- Workout plans

In taking fewer calories is not only sufficient to reduce weight. It is very important to use the ways for burning the fats as well. By offering the workout plans for the members to attain fitness the Gents Gym is highly efficient. Burning calories is very important to break down the molecules of fats.

  • Conveying the best function or maximum execution
  • Cost-effective devices containing modern technology
  • Satisfies the basic gym, Health Club and weight lifting requirements
  • Integrated to meet the needs of the end-user and fulfills the requirements of the commercial gym

What is important for fitness?

  1. Reducing the fats is the major concern for weight reduction
  2. Use the ways that helps in preventing the formation of cellulite in the body
  3. Prefer workout for burning calories.
  4. Eat the food that is full of fiber because these are very important to enhance the metabolism of the body.
  5. By increasing the metabolism fats are burnt in an effective way.

By joining the weight loss clinic in our Gym, you will avail all these facilities and get the required result. The whole team of trainers will help you to attain fitness easily by having a strong determination. It will provide you the complete knowledge about amazing workout and easy exercises that can be done at home.