Personal Training in ST Kilda Gym


For anyone requiring motivation and discipline to attain desired result a personal trainer ensures you do. There are two personal training rooms in the Gym. These fully AC rooms are well-equipped with modern technology and devices to offer you unlimited variety in your workout. These rooms are furnished with pro5 power plates to tone up the body. Personal fitness is very important. Do not ignore personal training and its significance. For ladies there are female trainers. In this way, you will learn how to manage nutrition from personal nutritionist advice. They guide you to help you rehabilitees from injuries.  There is a personal body massage facility for the members.

  • Training Equipment

For the personal fitness, you need innovative machinery, tools and equipment. Gym contains the machinery of all types. Going for workout to gym means you need an efficient machine. For enjoying precious gym time is the right way to enhance your enjoyment.

  • Very simple and very easy to use
  • It is budget-friendly as well
  • With white silver frame it contains 300lb stack
  • Reliable and smooth chain drive instrument
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
  • Adjustable system of resistance
  • Highly functional Crank system

Personal Nutritionist

Food is the most important factor for health and fitness. To hit your fitness goal, you need to choose the food that is suitable as per your fitness plan. For this purpose the Personal Nutritionistguides you which diet plan is suitable for you.

Personal body massage

It is great for those who need relaxation after hectic workout. Due to heavy workout, the majority of the members face the situation of the stretched muscles. This is painful for them to continue their regular routine with turned muscles. Massage is the ultimate therapy that increases the allure of your fitness and health. It keeps you fit and active for more workout.

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